About Jump Start Industries

With more than four decades of experience in auto maintenance, Jump Start Industries in Lake Forrest, California, continues to gain a solid reputation in selling and leasing portable jump starter units to clients nationwide. Before the company expanded our range of service, we started out by supplying jumper cable box units to automotive dealerships.

How Our Business Started

Our owner, Ross Willis, worked as a salesman and dealership manager for several years at numerous authorized car sellers in Orange County. Through those work experiences, he was able to understand the frustrations that come with lost or slow sales due to issues associated with cars that wouldn't start after sitting for so long in the lot. After an initial turnover, Ross saw an opportunity to fix this common problem among car dealers. Eventually, he ventured into distributing battery jumpers to help car dealers prevent profit loss. Over the years, we get to work with the following clients:

• Police Departments
• Fire Departments
• Auto and Truck Wreckers (Tow Yards)
• School Districts (School Bus Transportation) 
• Light Aircraft and Helicopter Owners
• Car Wash, Detailing, and Restoration Shops
• UPS™ and FedEx™ (Mail Shipment and               Delivery Services) 
• Vintage Car Rental Businesses
• Classic Car Rental and Hire Businesses 


Supplying for Ambulances

Our jump starters never fail to prove their quality and reliability in times of emergencies, especially in helping rescue operations run better. When hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, California ambulance services procured two large units from our company. They used them in the staging area to service hundreds of vehicles for emergency response.

Expanding Our Business

Today, our company is serving numerous auto and truck dealerships throughout Southern California. We provide jumper cable box units for RVs and motorhome dealers not only in Arizona and Florida but also across the states. 2015 marks the year for major advancements in Jump Start Industries. We are pleased to inform everyone that our company is open to partnerships with other automotive and transportation business sectors. Be part of our fast-growing clientele, including:

• Auto and Truck Dealers
• RV and Motorhome Dealers
• Gas Stations
• Auto Body Shops
• Service Fleets